How to be safe but strong in Rugby

How to be safe but strong in Rugby

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Dec 27, 2021

Charge, tackle, or run are rugby players' options when they are on the field. Unlike American Football, rugby doesn't make you wear equipment.

The pitch is your battlefield, and that is why if you love this sport and want to become a pro in it, you have to do the following things for you to be strong and safe in this sport.

The Gym is Your New Home

Even though you have sessions for your training on the pitch, you need to realize that your life will change forever once you've decided to be a rugby player. Rugby is an intensive sport since many players are expected to tackle you down on the pitch.

Worse, there are approximately 4 to 6 players, big guys, who are about to steal the ball from you. If you are that person who is lean but wants to play rugby, then it is your time to set your foot in the gym and start working out.

Sleeping Early

The other thing that you need to remember here is that you always need to sleep early if you have training in the pitch, and this is for you to ensure that your muscles are well-conditioned for the intense workout you will face in the pitch.

Post-workout-wise, sleeping early will also boost your recovery, which is why you need to go to bed immediately once you've finished dinner.

Living in a High Protein Diet

Protein is essential not just in building muscles but also in sports, and that is why as an athlete who is playing rugby, one of the best ways for you to be strong and safe in playing this sport is through indulging yourself in a high protein diet.

Medically, our muscles are expected to break down since we will spend most of our time training both in the field and in the gym, and that is why as a rugby player, you need to be both physically and mentally prepared for your new diet plan.

However, even though that protein can nourish your muscles, it will take time to recover from your muscle pain. Muscle and joint pain are expected when you are a rugby athlete since your strength is being tested and your speed and endurance, and that is why you are going to have a full-body workout if you want to become a pro rugby player.

There are many alternatives for protein powders that athletes buy to maximize their recovery, and one of these is hemp protein. CBD has been around for almost a decade, and this is because of the great benefits that this substance gives to athletes like you. But even though that many people are buying CBD products, you deserve to know the truth behind it.

How Does CBD Helps Rugby Players?

CBD greatly helps rugby players due to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, and these will help you manage your body fluids so that whenever you get injured or hurt in the field, you won't be feeling that intense swelling and pain since CBD is managing it.

This is why many players are buying products like hemp protein powder as an alternative to traditional protein powders since these contain CBD.

How Safe Is It To Consume?

Now that you've mentioned it let us first discuss the ingredients used in hemp protein. Guardian Athletic's Organic Hemp Protein is a plant-based protein made from hulled hemp hearts, which is why the difference between a hemp protein's nutrition to whey protein is that it is plant-based means that it is easy to be digested.

This is why you can make your very own hemp protein powder recipes if you want to add some flavors, such as fruits or vegetables. Make sure that you don't add sugar to your hemp protein drink since even though that CBD is giving you many physical benefits in the body, you still need to discipline yourself through having this diet.

It wasn't easy to become a rugby player, whether you're a pro or not, since this sport is dangerous, especially for those with lean muscles. Still, if you have a goal to become a pro in it, never give up. Those lean muscles will be bulky if you pair consistency with discipline.