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The safest and most effective CBD on the market
Our Nano Amplified Hemp Extract is a custom nano CBD isolate formula. Nano CBD isolate is the safest and most effective form of CBD. Athletes and active professionals should stay away from broad or full-spectrum formulas that contain small traces of THC.
Every one of our products is tested multiple times. From its raw form to the finished product, we ensure the highest quality batches. After production, samples are sent to another certified third-party laboratory to undergo its finalphase of testing.
We wanted to eliminate the risk for tested athletes and active professionals to not worry about testing positive for contaminants.We ensure the safest form of CBD through our custom isolate formula, which is safer than typical broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD.

CBD, in its natural form, is unfortunately known for its low bioavailability. Which means that when you consume it by mouth only 10-20% of it ends up in your bloodstream. That's a pretty significant amount of waste for this expensive product. Nano CBD encapsulates the molecules to a significantly smaller size, allowing them to withstand the intestinal barrier which results in higher absorption rates.
Nano Amplified Hemp Extract
Our custom nano CBD formula is more effective than traditional CBD microemulsion formulas. We use a nanoencapsulation process that allows for higher absorption rates. People are always surprised how much better our products work than typical CBD oil.
Absorption Rates of Nano CBD
Typical CBD Oil
Standard Microemulsion formulas are overpriced and less effective than nanoemulsion formulas. Most of the active ingredient is wasted due to lower surface areas. Sub-lingual methods still aren’t effective because saliva membranes act as a barrier - most of it ends up being swallowed.
Absorption Rates of Typical CBD Oil

Research in CBD is relatively new and scientists are still learning how cannabinoid compounds work. Guardian approaches this with transparency, and why we only use the purest quality CBD isolate. Cannabinoids like CBG can change their chemical properties under certain conditions. For instance, CBG converts to THC as it’s exposed to UV light.
Differences of CBD Formulas