Hustle Days Holidays: Tips on how to have a productive Christmas break

Hustle Days Holidays: Tips on how to have a productive Christmas break

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Dec 17, 2021

The holidays are coming, and most of us are getting a short vacation from work. Some places will have snow in them, and that is why some gyms are closing, not because of the snow but because owners will go to their families to spend the rest of their holidays with them.

As gym-goer, holidays are a great challenge for us, especially this Christmas season, since many meals tempt us.

Also, some of us might get tempted to lay ourselves for a while. But no, the hustle never had a vacation, and neither are you. Here are the following things that you can do to stay productive during the holidays.

Morning Jogs

Let's get back to the basics first; if you don't have things to do every morning, then the best thing you can do here is do morning jogs.

You will feel those chills when you go outside your home, and that is why you should not forget to wear warm clothes so that it will be easier for you to stimulate your exhaustion as you do cardio every morning.

Monkey Bars in the Playground

Do you see those monkey bars on your local playground? Many might be thinking that the playground is for kids only.

Well, little do they know that adults like you can greatly benefit from it. You can use your body weight as an alternative to lifting irons if your gym is closed.

Never Stop Going to the Gym

Some gyms are closed during the holidays, while some are open. If ever you've passed by an open gym, try to inquire about the rates, and if you think that you can afford those rates, you may head back home, pack your things, then go pump some iron.

Instead of lying on your beds, at least you are outside enjoying yourselves curling up the dumbbells.

Staying Consistent with Your Diet

We all know that some of us will visit our families for the holidays, yet as someone who is going to the gym before December, we need to realize one thing: consistency. When we talk about consistency, we don't only talk about all-night pumps in the gym; consistency also includes our diet.

Muscles are also made in the kitchen, and that is why one of the things that you need to remember to stay productive during the holidays is by making yourself continue eating protein-rich meals such as white chicken and beef. Of course, let us not forget to buy protein powders to supplement our bodies after a holiday workout.

Protein powders are very important for our bodies since this tone and improve our muscle mass and strength. However, we need to consider that we will encounter muscle and joint pain as we make holidays our hustle days.

Time is very important for gym-goers, and we can't just lie down on our couches and do nothing, and that is why there are gym-goers who are looking for alternative ways to maximize their recovery.

One of these products is a CBD protein powder, and it is one of the common CBD products you can find in the market.

CBD: Is It Beneficial or Only Hyped?

Before you start buying CBD protein as an alternative for your protein powder, you need to understand why many people are buying CBD in the first place. CBD is a substance with anti-inflammatory properties, which is why this substance helps you manage your body fluids.

Your body fluids will only get activated if you get hurt, and that is why you will notice that swelling on your damaged body part due to the buildup of body fluids.

Even though this is normal, a body fluid buildup can give you intense pain and slow down your recovery. That is why gym-goers are investing in products like pure hemp CBD protein powders so that they will be able to maximize their recovery.

What Makes It Special?

CBD recovery protein powders are plant-based. That is why products like Guardian Athletic's HempCollagen are easier to digest, which can lead to a more effective distribution of both protein and CBD to your body.

Overall, you may consider this CBD performance protein as a full-pack power for you since not only will you be able to increase your muscle mass, but you will also feel that less intense pain during post-workout periods due to CBD's pain-relieving properties.

Are There Dosages for Taking CBD Protein Powder?

As stated, CBD protein powders are similar to normal protein powders; what makes them stand out is that these are plant-based, and their CBD extract will greatly contribute to your maximum recovery, which is why your safety is ensured in consuming hemp protein powders like Guardian Athletic's HempCollagen.

You may drink this protein whenever you want, either pre-workout or post-workout. Still, it all comes down to the importance of being consistent with your high protein diet. Don't let the holidays tempt you to break off your discipline from your diet.

It doesn't matter how much you've improved during the holidays; what matters here is that you've proved to yourself that you are very consistent when it comes to fitness.

Your fitness journey will be full of ups and downs, but as long as you are consistent and disciplined enough to stay fit despite all the temptations, then you have won.