Protein Powder: How Effective Is It?

Protein Powder: How Effective Is It?

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Sep 28, 2021

It's your first time going to the gym, and the first thing you've noticed is a poster that advertises protein shakes. It's easy to make a protein shake, all you need is a protein powder, and it's up to you if you're going to add fruits to make your protein shake flavorful.

However, what matters here is that you need to consume an excessive amount of protein to grow your muscles. But even though you've been working out consistently and noticed the growth of your muscles, you might be wondering: are protein shakes effective?

The Nourishment of Your Muscles

Protein is the key for muscle growth, not only for mass but also for strength. Whenever you choose a protein powder to make your protein shake, you need to pick a powder that will help you increase your muscle mass, tone your muscles, and help with muscle recovery.

Protein powders such as CBD protein powder will give you maximum muscle recovery. CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties which will assist you in naturally controlling your body fluids. Managing body fluids helps prevent experiencing intense pain after doing a workout in the gym. Combining CBD with protein will support you tone your muscles and give you less time to recover since it will help you manage your body fluids.

Pain Then Gain

Muscle pain is a product of hard work and dedication in the gym, which is why you must be proud because you know that you've been pushing yourself beyond your limits. However, to stay nourished it is recommended to make a protein shake from Guardian Athletic's HempCollagen, a multi-collagen CBD protein mix.

When Is The Best Time to Drink Protein?

It is recommended that you consume this pure hemp CBD protein powder at least 15-60 minutes after working out so that your body will be able to break down those nutrients and give you a maximum muscle recovery later.

You can also include this CBD recovery protein powder in your diet so that your body will be able to have enough protein daily- giving you an effective growth of your muscle mass.

How Safe Is It?

Despite all the benefits that you'll get from drinking Guardian Athletic's CBD performance protein powder, you'll still be going to check for the hemp protein's safety to your body. As a short explanation, CBD came from hemp, and hemp doesn't contain at least one substance of THC, which is why it is safe to use by everyone.

Other than that, no one can use this for any recreational activity since it doesn't have any psychoactive effects, which is why many doctors are treating their patients with CBD because it only has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Can You Grow Your Muscles By CBD Protein Alone?

Using CBD for protein shakes might give you maximum recovery and effective muscle growth, but that doesn't mean that you will rely on this protein supplement alone. Imagine your body as a car, and your CBD protein powder is your gasoline.

A car doesn't move if no one controls it even though it consists of too much gasoline. The same thing goes for your muscles, and your muscles will never grow if you only rely on drinking protein shakes without spending most of your time in the gym.

The purpose of CBD protein powder is to help you recover and gain more muscle mass after hitting that intense weight in the gym. Overall, it is essential to be very disciplined and spend an adequate amount of time working out at the gym.

Those abs and thick biceps will never be possible without working hard in the gym, and you need to be very consistent in lifting those weights. It all starts with that one goal and achieving those goals.

A CBD protein powder might offer support for you, but that doesn't mean that it is the shortcut to your dream of having a great body.