CBD Bath Salts: Is your skin safe?

CBD Bath Salts: Is your skin safe?

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Oct 25, 2021

Have you ever remembered the last time you had a great bath? We all deserve to end our day soaking in the bathtub after a long day of hard work in our careers. One of the main reasons everyone loves to soak in bathtubs is that it promotes recovery due to the water's cooling effect.

An example here is professional athletes who love to dip themselves in a cold bath, and this is because the cooling effect of water eradicates their pain after playing. Besides that, dipping yourself in an ice bath is great for muscles- promoting a maximum recovery.

However, this procedure will take time for you to achieve maximum muscle recovery, which is why many people are looking for alternative ways to make their bath time more productive and effective.

The Rise of CBD

Humanity always thrives on innovation, and one of the best things that humanity discovered is the great benefits that CBD gives to the human body. What makes CBD unique is that it is free from THC, so it is impossible to use it for recreational purposes since it doesn't cause any psychoactive effect. This is why many doctors gave a go signal to everyone to see CBD as an alternative treatment to provide themselves with maximum muscle recovery.

Before you start buying a CBD product, you need to understand its properties first. CBD is a substance that contains anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, which is best for professional athletes who are studying to dip themselves in a cold bath since CBD's properties help them to manage their body fluids.

We all have body fluids, and this is the natural response of the body to pain. You will notice that an area of your body will swell due to the buildup of body fluids. A body fluid buildup doesn't only make you experience that intense pain, but you will have a slower muscle recovery.

But with CBD's anti-inflammatory properties, you will be able to manage those body fluids- giving you an effective time to have a maximum muscle recovery.

Healing During Bathing, is it Possible?

After a long day of hard work, having a cold bath feels relaxing to everyone, but most people know that it heals your body as you soak yourself in the bathtub. However, cold water alone doesn't make you have a maximum recovery, so you can use CBD bath salts every time you use the bathtub. Giving yourself a CBD bath soak after a long day of work doesn't only make you feel relaxed, but CBD's properties will help you recover from your body pain.

Is Your Skin Safe?

If it is your first time using CBD soaking salts, you will probably question if your skin is safe or not. CBD-infused bath salts like Guardian Athletic's Recovery Soak are toxin-free and contains a different mix of natural essential oils to give your skin an elegant fragrance.

A CBD bath salt soak will combine the benefits of CBD and an epsom salt bath. Also, Guardian's RecoverySoak contains arnica and blue spirulina, which are natural botanicals used to treat swelling and inflammation. Not only are you managing your body with CBD, but you are also helping yourself reduce pain with the arnica, blue spirulina and magnesium chloride flakes.

Overall, you are using organic CBD bath salts for your recovery, which your skin and muscles will benefit from using it.

How To Use It?

It all depends on you on how strong your bath is that you want. If you want for full strength, you may pour a whole bag of RecoverySoak in your bathtub then give yourself a dip. You can also use CBD bath salts for foot treatments if you feel intense pain in your foot.

We all deserve a great bath time, not just to relax but to recover as well. Muscle pain is inevitable; it can come anytime, but always remember to never end your day without having a cold dip in the bathtub- the perfect way to pat yourself on the back.