Essential Products to Use for Massage

Essential Products to Use for Massage

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Jun 29, 2021

Workouts and physical activities are the main reasons why we experience body pain. You might be spending the rest of the day doing workouts or even going overtime in your office, but you will feel that all of your efforts will be rewarded once you go home and get yourself a massage. Your body will be de-stressing itself after all the hours that you've put into work. To have a great massage, you need to know the following essential products.


Essential oils might be the most common product that a masseuse uses, but these products come at a great price since it is hard to extract essential oils, especially from lavender, frankincense, or peppermint.

However, essential oils are still considered as one of the best products to be used in a massage because of their aroma. The fragrance that you will smell whenever you're getting yourself a massage is what makes an essential oil valuable.


Gels are unique, not only do they provide a smooth glide on your skin after getting yourself a massage, but the scent of the gel will stay longer on your skin because gels are very thick and greasy. These features will prevent you from spending additional time re-applying gels to your skin.


Lotion is not only the most basic essential product for a massage, but it is also the cheapest one on the market! Other than that, using a lotion during a massage is effective since it doesn't make your clients greasy, and this is due to the skin being able to easily absorb lotions- making them moisturized without leaving any stains on your sheets.

One of the examples here is Guardian Athletic's CBD lotion. CBD contains pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, which help you regulate your body fluids whenever you're going to use CBD lotion for pain when massaging your body. Since our skin can easily absorb the CBD organic lotion for pain, this will help you with either muscle pain or inflammation.

It's best to use Guardian's CBD pain relief lotion whenever you feel those sores around your body so that you will be able to maximize your recovery. What makes this CBD lotion organic is that it is chemical-free and was only mixed with high-grade essential oils such as lavender and peppermint oil.

This CBD natural lotion can also be used by people with sensitive skin since it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals that can damage your skin. Besides post-workout, you can also use this CBD lotion for pain relief, such as joint pain or fatigue, especially for those who love to work overtime- calming your body as CBD's anti-inflammatory properties prevent those body fluids from building up around your body which can lead to a high fever or worse, inflammation.

Guardian Athletic's CBD infused lotion for pain is also lightweight, which is why you can carry this anywhere, either when you're working out in the gym or during your shift in your office.


Cream has similar properties to lotion; what makes it different is that cream is thicker. Using cream works best on hairy and dry skins because of their thick properties, which will also help you apply less cream to that specific body part. Due to cream's thick properties, expect it to be pricier than lotion.

These are all the essential products that you can use whenever you're going to give yourself or a client a massage. Each product is unique, but make sure that you choose a product that isn't too strong for sensitive skin to avoid further health conditions later on. Overall, these essential products can help you relieve yourself from body pain after spending countless hours either in the gym or at your job.