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Why Everyone Needs Protein

Why Everyone Needs Protein

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Jul 20, 2021

Lean meats, whole eggs, and almonds are examples of foods rich in protein. Everyone needs protein, not just professional athletes and gym-goers. Since the public sees that professional athletes love protein, most people think that intaking protein can help them have a greater physique. However, those are only myths.

Every one of us needs protein, even if some don't aim to have a great body. These are the following reasons why protein is important in the human body.

It Nourishes Muscles and Bones

Most people think that protein is a "muscle grower," which is one reason why there are many people who tend to buy whey protein for the sake of growing muscles.

Little do they know that protein is one of the things that nourish your muscles and bones, and that is why we need to have a high protein intake to maintain our strength.

It Fights Aging

Aging is normal, but whenever you see aging celebrities that still look younger than you and more muscular, then there might be a "miracle" for that. Well, you can also do that miracle, and that is increasing your protein intake. Since protein nourishes your muscles and bones, it will also help you fight off aging because those proteins play a great role in preventing muscle loss.

If you notice that older people have thinner muscle because they are aging, but if you want to have a better physique in the long term, you need to increase your protein intake.

It Improves Immunity

Many people may see protein as the sole energy for building up your muscles and increasing your muscle mass. Still, only a few know that consuming protein can help you improve your immune system. Protein rebuilds tissues that make enzymes that will help you fight off diseases and other health conditions such as inflammation.

To increase your protein intake, it's best to mix Guardian Athletic's hemprotein powder in your water. Another helpful supplement is CBD, it will help you regulate your body fluids whenever you're having a fever or getting injured. Taking CBD is one way to avoid getting inflammation, and a rapid build-up of body fluid always causes inflammation in a damaged body part.

Inflammation is a natural response of the immune system to harmful substances like pathogens, toxins, and damaged cells in your body. Drinking water mixed with hemprotein improves your immunity which prevents you from getting inflammation. A body with inflammation will have a difficult time for muscle recovery, and it'll cause intense pain due to the constant build-up of those body fluids.

Guardian Athletic's hemp protein powder provides you proper nutrition since this only contains high protein. Other than that, there are no other chemicals or harmful substances in this product, making this hemp protein powder natural.

If ever that you want to be creative, you can create different beverage recipes for your hemp protein powder, such as mixing it with a sugar-free fruit shake to increase your protein intake. Guardian Athletic's hemp protein also provides enzymes that will help you in building muscles and nourishing the immune system. You can spend the rest of your day drinking this vegan hemp protein powder since it is very low in carbs.

It Helps You Cut Off The Carbs

Imagine you only ate lean meat without carbs like rice or starch. You will notice that you will feel full, and this is because you're taking more protein than carbs.

This feature might sound simple, but it greatly helps those who wanted to have a carb-free lifestyle. If ever that you are looking for a way to lose your appetite to prevent craving more, then it is best to eat protein.

All of these benefits create a great impact on your physical appearance, not only at this age but even in your elderly days, which is one reason you need to be consistent enough in increasing your protein intake to have these benefits.