Hemp Protein: A Great Mix for A High Protein Diet?

Hemp Protein: A Great Mix for A High Protein Diet?

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Apr 23, 2021

A high protein diet is usually a go-to diet plan for those who want to lose weight by eating meat and those who want to maintain and improve their muscle mass.

Since the rise of hemp in the fitness industry for its physical and mental health benefits, can hemp protein help with your high protein diet?

Nutritionally, women need an average of 50 grams of protein per day while men need at least 60 grams per day.

In starting your protein diet, you need to make sure that everything that you are consuming is pure protein only, with no carbs. Eating protein helps you cut out too many carbs in your diet- which will greatly help you lose weight!

The other thing that you need to remember here whenever you go into a high protein diet is that you need to avoid drinking sweet beverages like powdered juices, as well as drinking alcohol for this diet plan to be effective.

Drinking a hemp protein powder will provide you 11 grams of protein equivalent to eating lamb meat. Guardian Athletic's Hemprotein™ can help you focus more on your high protein diet as you slowly lower your carb intake.

Medical studies have found that 30 grams of hemp protein powder provide 11 grams of protein.

How To Use Hemp Protein Powder?

Like any other diet plan, you need to be balanced in everything that you are consuming.

All you need is 2 tablespoons of natural hemp protein powder and mix it with your beverage, and this preparation is good enough to provide you with11 grams of protein.

Remember that 11 grams of protein are good for such a drink, and that is why you need to stay consistent in putting at least 2 tablespoons of this natural hemp protein powder as you consume lean meats in this diet plan.

Here are the other hemp protein benefits that will give you as you switch to a high protein diet:

It Relaxes Your Muscles

One of the hemp protein powder benefits is that the CBD's anti-inflammatory properties will help you relieve your muscles.

If you are a gym-goer or an athlete, then mixing hemp protein powder in your drink will help you have a faster muscle recovery since CBD can treat inflammation.

It Maintains Lean Body Mass

Talking about weight loss, the hemp protein powder can help you maintain your body mass as you burn all of your fats.

You can make your own hemp protein powder recipes if you don't want to mix the hemp protein with water. Smoothies, organic juices, and low-fat milkshakes can be mixed with hemp powder protein- providing you healthy fats and protein.

It Increases Your Muscles

Hemp protein has a good amino acid profile since it has highly concentrated protein in it. Amino acids are the ones that improve muscle growth and also help you regain from fatigue after spending hours doing physical activities.

It Improves Brain Function

Indulging in hemp protein powder nutrition will also improve your cognitive skills and brain function since hemp consists of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and these play a great role in nourishing your brain.

What makes hemp protein powder advantageous is that it provides you with enough nutrients, which is a great head start for you in your high protein diet.

In conclusion, combining the vegan hemp protein powder with foods and vegetables high in protein will give you a great boost in your high protein diet plan.