Beginner's Tips For High Protein Diet

Beginner's Tips For High Protein Diet

Posted by Guardian Athletic on May 24, 2021

Muscle-building is a challenging thing to do since you need to spend a lot of time on hitting the gym. However, what makes muscle-building more difficult is not the weights you are carrying in the gym, but the weight of the temptation you are carrying in your home- your diet.

The most effective diet in muscle-building is a high protein diet since increasing your protein intake means that you're also increasing your muscle mass due to the amounts of protein you have in your body. This whole diet might look easy, but the temptation is what makes it difficult, and here are the following tips for beginners on how to stay consistent with your high protein diet.

Prioritize in Eating High Protein Foods

Lean meat, fish, poultry, and dairy products: these are examples of high protein foods. Whenever you're going to go to the supermarket, always put these foods on the top of your list so that you will be able to control yourself from buying other meals such as oily foods or sweets. You are free to cook any recipe for your high protein diet as long as your plate is rich in protein.

Start Your Day With an Egg

Instead of eating cereals, the first thing you need to eat in the morning is just one boiled egg. An egg has 13 grams of protein, and that is a great headstart for your day. Not only are you conditioning your body to handle a high protein intake, but you are also nourishing your muscles at the start of the day.

Replace Desserts with Greek Yogurt

In the beginning, it is expected to have temptations since your body is not used to having a high protein diet. To prevent yourself from being inconsistent in this diet, the other thing that you can do is to replace your desserts with Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt can contain up to 10 grams of protein per serving. It's a win-win situation for you since you are still gaining protein even when having dessert. To make your dessert more flavorful, you can mix fruits with your Greek yogurt.

Drinking High-Protein Beverages

The other tip that you must follow to have a high protein intake is to drink high-protein beverages. Aside from relying on citrus-pressed or powdered juices, you can be more consistent with your high protein diet by mixing a hemp protein powder in your water.

Guardian Athletic's Hemprotein™ is a hemp protein powder mix that helps you improve your protein intake, leading to healthier and stronger muscle growth. This hemp protein contains 20 amino acids that help you build more muscle through your diet and regulate your immunity.

Additionally, the CBD's anti-inflammatory properties from Guardian's natural hemp protein powder will be able to help you maximize your muscle recovery. The CBD also helps you regulate your body fluids which only builds up whenever you're sick or having muscle pain.

These benefits make this hemp protein powder healthy since no other chemicals are mixed in making this hemp protein powder. The other feature that Guardian's Hemprotein™ is that this hemp powder protein builds up your fiber intake and helps you regulate your blood sugar levels, thus making this hemp protein powder not only organic but very nutritious.

You can also drink this vegan hemp protein powder even if you're doing other things aside from having a post-workout diet- which helps you maintain your high protein diet even if you're not curling the bars.

Almonds for a Snack

There are times you will feel "bored" with your diet for the rest of the day, and that is why most people either end up scrolling through their phones to buy some fast food or start digging in their fridge to find something to eat. Snacks are one of the temptations that every person tends to face.

To fix this, it's best to eat almonds for snacks. An almond contains 0.26 grams of protein; just imagine how much protein you'll gain while binge-watching that great series while eating too many almonds on your couch. Not only are you going to build muscle while eating snacks, but you're preventing yourself from getting fat.

Even though you know these tips, if you don't follow them, it will be impossible for you to achieve your goal with this high-protein diet. Discipline plays a great role in this diet. Therefore, it is crucial to have the self-discipline to ensure you will be able to achieve that great physique you are working towards.