Best Ways to Relieve Muscle Pain

Best Ways to Relieve Muscle Pain

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Apr 15, 2021

We all love to push beyond our limits because we want greater results, especially if we play a specific sport like basketball or hitting that new record in the gym. Since the human body has its limits, it is expected to get muscle pain after spending too much time doing physical activities.

It's very hard to move when you are having muscle pain since that intense pain makes you frustrated enough to avoid doing any physical activity. The average time of recovering from muscle pain takes a minimum of 4 days- just imagine the amount of time you're going to spend to recover!

Besides sitting in your house all day, there are effective ways to treat your muscle pain and speed up your recovery.

Cold Therapy

Professional athletes love ice baths because it helps them speed up their recovery and gives them less pain after an intense game. The low temperature relieves your compressed nerves, requiring less time to recover- giving these athletes a chance to play sooner.


Since your muscles are sore, the other way to treat them is by stretching. This way, you support your cells to repair your muscles faster since you are soothing those damaged muscle fibers. There is no need to worry since it is natural and expected for muscle fibers to get damaged to have great muscle growth.

Doing Short Exercises

If you want to be productive during your muscle recovery, then the best thing you can do here is by doing short-interval exercises such as cardio. If there is a muscle group that you haven't trained yet, like your legs, then you can hit the weights and do a short leg workout.


Besides stretching, having a massage is great enough to improve your recovery since you are soothing your body's affected areas. That soothing pressure from the masseuse can make your muscles relaxed- giving you less pain during recovery.

Applying Balms

If you don't have someone to give you a massage, then the best thing you can do here to relieve muscle pain is by applying balms on your damaged muscle groups. Balms are roll-sticks that soothe your body because of their minty properties.

Roll-sticks like CBD balm will help you recover from your muscle pain due to their pain-relieving properties. Guardian Athletic's Sport Roll On-Topical Balm has an icy cooling action that will help you soothe that intense muscle pain after spending hours doing physical activities.

A CBD balm for pain is recommended, especially for those athletes or gym-goers who want to have a faster and less painful muscle recovery.

It is expected that you will feel sore because your cells are repairing your damaged muscle fibers- giving you great muscle growth later on after you recover. For this reason, this is why Guardian Athletic's pain relief balm can give you a less painful and minty experience as you give yourself enough time in recovering from muscle pain.

Here are the other CBD balm benefits:

It Soothes Body Fluids

CBD balm uses its anti-inflammatory properties, which play a great role in managing your body fluids while recovering from muscle pain.

Your body naturally responds to pain through activating these body fluids- which gives you inflammation later on. Having inflammation can slow down your recovery time.

It Improves Your Physical Performance

One way of treating muscle pain is by doing short-interval exercises since you are training your muscle memory to get used to the pain you're experiencing during recovery.

Guardian Athletic's CBD hemp balm has pain-relieving properties, making you feel less pain if ever you want to do short exercises while recovering. You're also improving your muscle growth with these short-interval exercises as you improve your recovery.

It Supports Your Joints

A CBD Balm stick can instantly support your joints, especially during muscle recovery, due to CBD's anti-inflammatory properties. Applying a CBD balm for pain relief on the affected areas before massaging them improves your recovery from muscle pain.

It's highly recommended to carry a CBD balm for muscles, especially when you're hitting the gym, to be prepared to treat yourself when you feel sore after curling those irons.

It is very painful to have muscle pain, but you need to be proud of yourself because you've pushed yourself beyond your limits. Looking on the brighter side, you increase your pain tolerance, especially if you aspire to be a professional athlete!

Still, you need to be careful enough to avoid any muscle tear and other related injuries so that you will have great physical activity for the rest of the season.