How to Avoid Cramps While Playing Basketball

How to Avoid Cramps While Playing Basketball

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Apr 09, 2021

Basketball is one of the greatest sports in the world, and everyone wants to play basketball! This sport will help you gain new friends, improve your body, and be better in the sport.

Still, there is one thing that all basketball players face on the court, cramps.

Come to think of it, even though those cramps won't get you in the hospital, it is still irritating because once your coach has seen that you are having cramps on the court, you will get subbed off immediately!

We all want to last on the basketball court to score hoops, which is why you will find out the effective ways of avoiding cramps while playing basketball.

Eat Clean Before Playing

Having a great diet plan is the first thing you need to remember whenever you're going to play basketball. Remember that this sport is not just all about speed, strength, or the accuracy of your shots; it's having all of these perks in one person.

If you are serious about playing on the basketball court, you need to discipline yourself first by having a healthy diet. It might be tempting for you to try unhealthy foods but remember that regrets can come at the end of the day.

Hit The Gym

The next important thing is that you need to be active in the gym even though you're just going to play a friendly game on the basketball court.

And no, don't "occasionally" hit the gym just because you're going to have a big game next week. Basketball brings you long-term growth, which is why you need to be serious about taking care of your body, including increasing your muscle mass percentage.

Upgrade Your Sportswear

Upgrading your sportswear is the other thing you need to remember if you want to play longer on the basketball court.

Remember that this is not a fashion show; that is why there is no point for you to compare if your sportswear has an authentic brand or not. Aside from buying comfortable basketball shoes and leg sleeves, you need to invest in kinesiology tape.

Kinesiology tapes will help you soothe and support your muscles while you're playing on the court. Guardian Athletic SportGTape™ can effectively support your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints, making you stay longer on the court!

One of Kinesio tape's best features is that it puts pressure on your skin, which will control that muscle group's body fluids wherever you get hurt.

That is why if you noticed that most pro basketball players put sports tape on a specific muscle and you will get astonished at how they can last longer in the court without getting injured! The other reason here is that the physio tape stretches their muscles which will always make less impact whenever other players try to hurt them.

Kinesio taping is a great way to avoid injuries, and that is why if this is your first time using a kt athletic tape, then you need to apply the tape in one of these parts:


Jumping is required in basketball- the higher you jump, the more chances of scoring. What makes jumping dangerous is how you're going to land, which is why it's best to apply kinesiology tape on your knee. Your joints will only receive less damage whenever you have a hard land on the court.


Shooting a 3-point shot is never easy, and that is why you'll notice that pro basketball players have strong shoulders because these will help them increase their shot power. Consistently pushing yourself in shooting with your full strength will bring you immense pain, and to avoid it, you also need to apply kinesiology tape on your shoulder so that you won't feel the sores as you keep on scoring in the court.


To make the ball go inside the basket, you need to curve as you throw it with your wrists. Knowing how heavy a basketball is, you need to put pressure by applying kinesiology tape on your wrist so that you don’t strain them.

Even though that basketball players have kinesiology tapes on them, they are still required to go into ice baths to recover immediately. Guardian Athletic SportGTape™ also offers you their Icy Cooling kinesiology tape so that your muscles recover while you're playing on the court!

Limit Your Pace

You are on the basketball court, not on the football field, and that is why you need to limit your pace, or else you will get cramps. Even though you are active in the gym and doing cardio all day, you need to know your limits to avoid suffering from cramps.

It's better to be careful rather than to show off. Still, this is not a marathon, it is basketball. You can make up other strategies in scoring by depending on your jumping instead of your pace, or you can rely on your muscle memory in terms of shooting inside or outside the arc. In other words, you don't have to rely too much on scoring on your own.

These are all the tips that you need to follow to last longer on the basketball court. It might sound easy and simple, but these tips were very helpful, especially to those who aspire to play in the professional league.