Dehydration: Worse Than You Think

Dehydration: Worse Than You Think

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Jun 01, 2021

Dehydration is something that you shouldn't underestimate since many things can happen to your body when you're dehydrated. Even though drinking is the most practical solution for dehydration, that doesn't mean that you will spend the rest of the day drinking sufficient liquids.

Your body is like a vehicle, it overheats when you're not putting water in it, and that is why you need to maintain hydrated while you're doing other things. Here are the following surprising effects that dehydration can give if left untreated.


Do you remember watching an old cartoon where a character seems to get dizzy when they are in the scorching desert?

That is one of the effects of dehydration. The main reason we feel dizzy is that our brain relies on the body's water levels; if you're not drinking water or any drink to quench your thirst, your brain cells will slow their function can also lead to poor cognitive skills.

Aging Skin

Our body is like a plant; if you are not actively watering it, then that plant will dry out; the same thing goes for our skin. Whenever you observe skincare products, most of them focus on "rehydrating" your skin, and this is because your skin greatly relies on your water levels. If you want to look young, then you need to be active in rehydrating yourself.

It Weakens Your Muscles

Dehydration is not only about becoming too thirsty, but it also includes effects such as overfatigue of your muscles. Once you are overfatigued, there will be more chances that you'll either be easily bruised or, worse, injured. This shows that your muscles will still be easily damaged if you are dehydrated, no matter how thick your muscle mass is.

This is why you need to keep on rehydrating yourself and also be drinking electrolyte-infused beverages such as Guardian Athletic's CBD sports drink. Guardian Athletic's Rehydration drinks include tropical, citrus, and berry drinks which help you quench your thirst as you give your body enough time to rehydrate itself after working out for longer periods.

CBD sports drinks exist for a reason, not only does it rehydrates hustlers like you, but you are nourishing your immune system in managing your body fluids while working out or doing other physical activities. CBD also contains anti-inflammatory properties that will help you in managing your body fluids.

There are no side effects in drinking this sports drink since CBD helps boost your rehydration and can't be used for recreational purposes. A CBD-infused sports drink increases your chances of avoiding injuries since CBD prevents that rapid build-up of body fluids whenever you get hurt while doing a workout. A build-up of body fluids on a specific body part is painful, and worse, it can slow down your muscle recovery.

Guardian's sports CBD drink doesn't contain toxic chemicals that can give you psychoactive effects since it only contains a nano-amplified CBD extract. You can drink this CBD recovery drink even in your office whenever you think you had a rough day carrying those heavy loads of paperwork.

After all, a rehydration drink is like any other electrolyte drink, but this one contains CBD and can help you prevent injuries while you're busy doing your job or exercising. Even if you are not active in the gym, you can still drink a CBD sports recovery drink to maintain your rehydration for the rest of the day.


Have you ever wondered why do you still feel tired after sleeping for 7 to 8 hours? This is because you haven't drunk enough water before you go to sleep. That is why the first thing that you need to do in the morning after waking up is to drink enough water so that you will be able to rehydrate yourself and have a great headstart for today.

These are only the initial effects of dehydration that you need to know to push yourself to maintain your water levels. If you continue to let the day pass by without drinking anything, there will be chances that you will have worse conditions such as bruising since your body can't function properly. There is no instant drug to treat your dehydration; drinking beverages is the best possible way to treat this condition.