We are taking it back to 1994 where two Washington DC bookstore owners celebrated the birth of their son, Daniel MacDonald. Growing up around a studious environment sounds like a safe bet for law school, but around age 15 he got his first taste of speed. No book could ever come close to the adrenaline rush of downhill skateboarding.

Before a big family move to California, Danny took up club soccer and casual skateboarding with friends. After arriving to California in 2007 he had to start over finding new friends, and for teenagers that's a pretty big deal. Skateboarding eventually took up most of his time with having no friends close by, it was one thing he could do alone. Eventually, he paired up with other skateboarders and got his first taste of downhill skateboarding.

When people think of skateboarding they don't really understand how much you have to stay fit. Exercise is a big part of Danny's routine and it also keeps his mind clear. If he's not sharp or off his game, one miscalculation could send him to the emergency room. Working a 9 to 5 to pay the bills and skateboarding everyday helps him maintain a constant physical routine.  



"Working with Arbor Skateboards on a Pro Model Downhill skateboard and two wheel designs that will have my name and endorsement."

"My biggest dream is to blow up and act like I don't know anybody" ( ˘ ͜ʖ ˘)

How has Guardian improved your game?

"Guardian CBD products have greatly benefited my need for focus as well as constant need for proper nutrition, whether it's the hemp protein or the beverages with all the essential vitamins and crucial minerals to promote focus and clean energy.  Also, the mentholated and CBD infused KT tape that I use regularly for my aching joints is AWESOME!"