Miguel Salazar is 24 years old and trains out of MMA's fight capital Las Vegas, NV. His whole life is in Sin City and he began training in martial arts from an early age. Being born & raised in Vegas and having a mother who worked at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino allowed for some pretty cool experiences as a kid. The UFC hosted The Ultimate Fighter at the Hard Rock and he remembers being the only little kid there, running around with a t-shirt for all the fighters to sign. Miguel has always been around premiere professional fighters which led him to meeting his coach at 12 years old, and eventually snagging his first victory at Grapplers Quest - from there he was hooked.  
While keeping him centered with martial arts, his mother also encouraged his love for art, which attributed to him becoming a professional tattoo artist. He's a true talent with a touch of gold and a love for many crafts - he understands the intricacies of greatness, and expects positive outcomes no matter his path. To say his plate is full is an understatement, excelling in both art forms, and working as an EKG technician at the hospital.
When he's not competing in martial arts you can find him at video or photo shoots. Getting signed at a talent agency he's already produced two commercials for a major brand and local businesses. But there's one thing he wants more than anything and that's to get to the UFC. He's met Dana White as a kid & young adult, and believes in his soul he will return to shake Dana's hand again.        
There’s an old wive’s tale that’s told on the mat, “If you aren’t injured, you aren’t training.” Anyone who fights will tell you this game is full of weird, little injuries and sometimes life altering damages. I have competed with broken toes on both feet, a bruised rib, countless bruises and constant soreness. That’s what this life is about. It’s about embracing the reality and sacrificing anything that does not move you towards your goals.
Got to a Blue Belt in 8 months.
Completing Tattoo Apprenticeship and becoming a professional tattoo artist.  
Getting signed to a Talent Agency
Starred in commercials for Aquapaqq and Las Vegas Krav Maga
Tuff N Uff's "Knockout of the night" Runner Up - March 2018
Professional Grappler debut "Submission Hunter Pro 37"
Dreams and Goals
Getting a black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu and having his brothers and sisters follow suit. Getting to the UFC
Setting a leading example for his brothers and sisters.
"MMA is not a regular sport. This is real life and what happens in the cage can either help you or haunt you. Martial Arts keeps me humble and lets me know what I need to improve on not only physically, but mentally as well. Guardian has played an excellent role in making sure I am well prepared every time I go to war".