Leonard Williams is 24 years old and hails from Southern Georgia from a small town called Americus. Raised by his mother he knew early on it would require hard work to fulfill her dream of getting him into college. Determined to meet his goal of making it to college, he developed a passion for weightlifting and football. With the finish line in sight it all came to a halt. During his senior season he broke his ankle in two places, but despite the doctors recommendation of sitting out the season he returned after 9 weeks.
At the beginning of his senior year he had no college offers and by the end of the year he would have to put his faith in god. The small window of opportunity paid off and his prayers were answered. Gaining college interest from over 13 different schools.
After a successful collegiate career he went on to play in semi-pro and arena football leagues. Winning football awards and a championship ring along the way.
"One quote I read every day is “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.” This quote has motivated me to be my greatest in everything that I do and I try to base my life and fitness around it as I continue to strive for excellence".
Receiving 13 offers for college football
Mercer University Football Camp Best Pass Protection Award
Winning the 2018 Semi-Pro Football Championship - Ring included!
2 Years of Arena Football
Playing defense against Greg Hardy
Dreams and Goals
Playing for the Dallas CowboysFitness LeaderBuilding his brand - Let's Get It Fitness
Continuing to inspire and lead through fitness and training.
Guardian is great because it gives me that extra boost I need to get through my workout. I usually drink them during and after working out.