Shakeia Pinnick is 29 years old and an active track & field competitor. She's always faced adversity since her earliest memories, from being born in Detroit to finding her new family through adoption, she's overcome more than most average people. After settling with her new siblings and family in Aurora, Illinois, she blossomed into a stellar academic athlete. Earning a full ride scholarship to Arizona State University for Track & Field, but she didn't stop there.
A true champion who from an early age understood the requirements of dedication, sacrifice, and work ethic. She went on to become an All-American, PAC-12 Champion and Academic Scholar. 7 years later she's now back in grad school at ASU adding more accolades to her resume. Shakeia is so much more than just an academic all-American athlete - she's a new mother, a coach, a mentor, an author, and co-owner of a non-profit organization called Elite Sports & Fitness Academy.
Her book Keeping it R.E.A.L ( Respect, Excel in Life, Attitude Equals Altitude, Love Yourself) is a great inspirational read for youth but even more so for young women looking to succeed, and it's available for purchase.
As an active community leader who trains high school and college athletes, you would guess she's content with her accomplishments but there's another goal in her sights - The 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.
"Different things get thrown your way everyday, staying focused, and making sure to be a positive role model to lead as an example for not just my daughter but for all the athletes I am involved with. It can be tough caring for yourself in times like these and it's easy to lose sight of your own dreams but keeping your mind and drive on reaching those is key to accomplishing your goals." 


  • Being a Mother (and still breastfeeding!)  
  • Author of a short motivational book (Keeping It R.E.A.L )
  • All-American Track and field alumni (Arizona State Track & Field)
  • Outstanding Leadership Award recipient (Arizona State University)
  • Owner of Non Profit Organization (Elite Sports & Fitness Academy)

Dreams and Goals

  • Competing in the Olympics  
  • Creating better opportunities for youth in foster care
  • Improve the foster care system
"As an athlete training and especially in Arizona guardian has been a great company, great people introducing me to products that work to my benefit. The hydration drinks have especially been of great convenience and use while training and staying healthy. Their new products seem to be geared to constantly provide great benefits to all athletes which is very cool. It’s just great working with a company that means well and thrives to get better while helping others as well".