Is CBD the Hangover Remedy? How CBD Affects Alcohol Hangover Symptoms

Is CBD the Hangover Remedy? How CBD Affects Alcohol Hangover Symptoms

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Jan 11, 2021

CBD as a cure for the hangover

What is wrong with having a drink or two? You don't think so – but you might be surprised at the consequences that alcohol consumption can have on the human body. Damage to the liver, nervous system, brain - in short, a lot of damage. Regular or excessive alcohol consumption obviously increases the risk of problems. Headache, dry mouth, dizziness - you can't control the symptoms.

However, how do you deprive someone from drinking alcohol at festivities? Drinking a ton of water, popping an aspirin, or taking vitamin C before bed, it is clear that we all have our own remedy to relieve hangovers. In this article, we're going to introduce you to CBD and its positive, almost miraculous, hangover effects.

CBD reduces the toxic effects of alcohol

CBD, or medical cannabidiol, belonging to the family of therapeutic drugs, has many effective properties for treating hangovers. Thanks to the various scientific studies carried out on laboratory rats, it is now proven that many varieties of CBD are able to eliminate the toxic effects of alcohol.

During these experiments, large quantities were ingested by guinea pigs, causing convulsions, extreme neurodegeneration and a highly life-threatening prognosis. Then, CBD was applied to the rat's skin. This quickly results in a reduction of nearly 50% in the neurodegeneration developed by these rats.

At the end of the experiments, the rats on which the CBD was applied definitely lost fewer brain cells than their congeners who, for their part, had no contact with this substance. Encouraging for the human species? The results of the experiments carried out on rats are rightly likely to make more than one skeptic, but according to the postulate of the high compatibility (90%) of the genes of the rat with those of the human ones, you have little doubt to have.

CBD can relieve your headaches

Headaches assimilated to a hangover are unusually aggressive, you will surely agree. You almost feel like your head might be shattered every second. To great evils, great remedies, they say! The effectiveness of CBD in treating headaches was discovered and tested by researchers in 2017.

The dehydration caused by a hangover is responsible for alerting all functions of the body. This state of alert is the basis of strong migraines felt during a hangover. Thanks to the discovery of these researchers, CBD is, today, very effective against headaches, and this, more than certain products and drugs available on the market such as paracetamol. This substance can also help drastically reduce neuropathic pain.

CBD decreases your nausea

Consuming alcohol remains harmful to health. When processed by the liver, alcohol can very quickly turn into a poison for the human body. Alcohol irritates your stomach and causes many unwanted side effects. It is therefore little wonder that after consuming alcohol without moderation, you end up with your head in a plastic bag. Above all, don't panic, CBD can do the trick very well!

CB1 receptors from the endocannabinoid system (like CB2 receptors) partly regulate the vomiting center. The opioid system and serotonin are also other important factors in this specific region of the brain. The CBD will then indirectly cause the activation of 5HT-1A receptors in the brainstem and trigger an anti-nausea effect. This activation of 5HT-1A receptors induces the release, in the vomiting center, of serotonin which will then inhibit nausea and block the sensation of vomiting.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a cannabinoid of tremendous effectiveness in reducing nausea. Unfortunately, the supply of THC (which is psychoactive) is illegal in several countries around the world. So choose completely legal alternatives, such as hemp extract rich in CBD on this site.

CBD fights dehydration

When the alcohol level in the blood is above average, it results in too much urine production. The body thus eliminates the compound from the bloodstream in its own way. In response to this rather embarrassing phenomenon, you have to drink enough water, otherwise you may get dehydrated only after a few hours.

Ethanol circulating in the kidneys takes electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium or potassium as they pass. Lack of these essential nutrients inevitably causes headaches, brain fog, or poor immunity (all of these symptoms can come on at once).

Although taking a large amount of water is the best solution in this case, CBD plays a no less significant role. We therefore advise you to take your precautions when consuming alcohol, for example by alternating alcoholic drinks and bottled water.

After a night of drinking, skip the alcohol and drink only water. Note that any alcoholic compound causes the body to produce 4 times more fluid (so much for the hair of the dog theory). This does not facilitate all your efforts to counter the production of urine. Applying this advice saves you from mornings with a lot of fatigue, a dry mouth and low blood pressure.

CBD puts you in a good mood

Stress and anxiety are symptoms associated with alcohol consumption. These two effects are all the more devastating in the event of a relapse. The next morning, after binging, you are likely to experience severe anxiety and depression.

CBD confirms, more or less, the hypothesis that cannabis is of great help in absorbing stress and reducing your anxiety. CBD treatment is capable of treating many anxiety disorders in humans and is seen as a real panacea in many people (rightly or wrongly).

Cannabidiol attacks free receptors that affect tissues and allows the body to absorb all the harmful toxins produced by alcohol. CBD has a definite effect on cortisol (stress hormone) and serotonin (happiness hormone). By reducing cortisol levels and boosting serotonin levels, CBD gives you the good humor and peace of mind you need to deal with these difficult days emotionally and psychologically.

CBD has a neuroprotective effect

Alcohol kills brain cells: a myth that is still very common. It is obvious that alcohol negatively impacts the brain. Drunkenness often even consists of violent mood swings and a reduced ability to make sound decisions. Rest assured, you will not lose your brain cells due to alcohol consumption.

Your cells will certainly not die, but your dendrites (neurons) will be damaged on their ends and induce difficulties in transmitting messages from the nervous system between neurons. Now you have the right to object that this is in no way less bad news.

Difficulty in the transmission of messages between neurons can generate several serious diseases. Parkinson's disease, ALS, Alzheimer's, Huntington's and cirrhosis of the liver are just a few of the many on a long list.

The administration of CBD through the skin has a neuroprotective effect well known to scientists. Cannabis, like other cannabinoids, protects brain cells, restores damaged ones, and encourages the production of new neurons.

The effectiveness of CBD has been tested and proven in clinical trials for neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis. The results were also very conclusive in patients with Alzheimer's, proving the ability of CBD to eliminate the effects of inflammation, slow down the decline of brain cells and eradicate the formation of oxygen.