The benefits of nano-encapsulation for CBD

The benefits of nano-encapsulation for CBD

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Aug 09, 2020

CBD has been attributed to helping many problems such as depression, stress, anxiety, bruising and a number of other acute disorders. Not to mention, just helping with the stress of everyday life. As a result, the CBD marketplace has rapidly expanded all across the world, with consumers embracing the many benefits and enhancements to their lives.

CBD comes from the hemp plant that holds several claims for medical attributes. Some of the more interesting claims are around anti-aging, reduction of inflammation and pain management. These benefits are credited without needing the mind-altering effects of THC, typically associated with marijuana.

CBD, in its natural form, is unfortunately known for its low bioavailability. Which means that when you consume it by mouth only around 20 percent of it ends up in your bloodstream. That's a pretty significant amount of waste for this expensive product.

Earlier on, CBD companies welcomed the scientific community and discovered bioengineering methods like nano encapsulation, and micro encapsulation. Scientists have found smaller molecules absorb more easily, so they shrink molecules down to a NANO size. Then they had to figure out how to help them survive the hostile digestive track. They discovered encapsulation, or en-coating, the molecule increased metabolization further down the intestines and vastly improved bioavailability.

The next big problem, how to make CBD water soluble

The biggest problem facing CBD or other cannabinoids is that they are comprised of mostly oils while most beverages and other products are made with water. Third grade science class taught us that, oil and water do not mix.

As beneficial as CBD oil is, our bodies are still made up of mostly water, which can make a huge difference in the bioavailability of many of the CBD administration methods currently on the market.Research has come out suggesting that as low as 6% of traditional CBD ends up being used by the body, the rest is filtered out of the body as waste, or more specifically expensive pee, UGH! Unfortunately, this is the case for a vast majority of all medications and supplements taken orally.

This is why nano encapsulation is so powerful. Research suggests you need 10% percent of a nano encapsulated CBD isolate dose to receive the same benefits as full spectrum CBD oil.

Encapsulation is safe and has been employed across many product forms

A simple way of looking at encapsulation, as example, would be the gel around a vitamin or supplement – that thin protective shell holding the liquid inside.

The main purpose is to allow the substances that would other wise be dissolved, in your mouth or stomach, hampering its ability to move through the body further than if taken without the protective layer.

This allows it to reach its full potential and travel farther throughout the body before being broken down. It’s a grenade of goodness. There are already a ton of time release medication already іn the market in being used for decades for things like pain killers. Something along the lines of... You only need one pill for lasting relief all day.

What аrе the аdvаntаgеѕ of water-ѕоlublе CBD?

Cannabinoids are oil-based and non-water soluble. Water-soluble cannabinoids emulsify evenly, allowing both beverage and edibles makers to completely standardize their product mixtures, giving end consumers a consistent, high-quality product experience. This protection can be permanent or temporary. In which case the core is generally released by diffusion or in response to a trigger, such as enzyme action, thus enabling controlled and timed delivery to a targeted site. Smaller emulsion, like nano, allow the product to blend more smoothly in water, making it easier to consume

The main reason for nano encapsulating is to ensure that the encapsulated material reaches the area of action without being adversely affected by the external environment through which it passes. The encapsulated molecule is not in direct contact with the environment allowing it to be released when needed.

Again, 90% of what is eaten is destroyed by the liver and stomach acids before it's even able to be absorbed. This is because the body doesn't absorb fat molecules, must encapsulate them іn water inside the gut before it can be absorbed. This is due to the first pass effect. Basically, if you take 20 mg of Advil your body only uses about 2 mg of it effectively due to the body breaking it down faster than the drug can enter your body. This is also the case for traditional CBD or any other cannabinoids.

CBD Bioavailability | Hоw much CBD are уоu rеаllу getting?

This is why nano encapsulation is so impactful in the cannabis and the CBD market. It allows you tо take less while still getting the all the benefits that CBD has to offer.

A relatively new practice in the CBD market, makes encapsulated nano emulsions a bit more expensive than traditional CBD products. But as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. This is very true in the CBD market. A consumer can find really inexpensive CBD, but is it really? - if you only absorb, or utilize, less than 10% of what you are consuming. You are much better off spending a bit more for a product that has nano encapsulated CBD versus literally throwing your money down the toilet.


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