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  • Guardian Athletic sport stick rub-on topical relief Sport stick supports recovery using natural ingredients Refreshing sport fragrance Soothe and ease after exercise Natural relief with plant-based ingredients

    Sport Stick - Topical Rub

    The Sport Stick is our biggest topical with a convenient rub-on applicator. Made with powerful natural botanicals to help relax tense muscles and ease up sore joints. 1000mg Nano Amplified Hemp Extract™ Natural Plant-Based Ingredients Vegan...

  • Guardian SportGTape Regular CBD Infused Kinesiology Tape Regular SportGTape Unrolled Long lasting absorption All terrain for every sport Kinesiology tape with hemp

    SportGTape - Regular Action CBD Kinesiology Tape

    SportGTape™ supports muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. Feel the difference and try our kinesiology tape with over 200mg of Nano Amplified Hemp Extract™. This lightweight durable elastic sports tape is also available with icy...

  • Guardian Sport Roll-on Balm 1000mg Soothing Blend of Natural Ingredients Icy Cooling Menthol Action Supports Recovery Natural Relief

    Sport Roll On - Topical Balm

    Our personal favorite, this topical is easy to carry around and helps to relieve sore muscles. Get menthol cooling action that goes deep into affected areas, our best-selling roll-on supports natural relief. 1000mg Nano-Amplified Hemp...

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