CBD Oil in Cats: A Surprising Truth

CBD Oil in Cats: A Surprising Truth

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Jun 08, 2021

Furry tails, great flexibility, and cute purrs are the things that make cats so loveable to humans! We might be spending a lot of time with them because of their clinginess whenever they're hungry, but little do we know that there are times that they are experiencing pain, and that is one of the reasons why your cat is seeking your attention.

Whenever we know that our cats are in pain, we usually panic because we don't know where to start. Some of you might be surfing through the internet to find the natural remedies you can buy to soothe your cat's pain. It's not easy to rely on medications since other chemicals are mixed in them.

However, there are natural-infused pet supplements like CBD which you can apply to their food.

Since the rise of CBD in medicine, CBD oil for cats is one of the go-to's for cat lovers like you because of CBD's anti-inflammatory properties. But before we start buying CBD for cats, we need to remember the surprising truth behind it.

Is CBD Safe for Cats?

The first thing you need to remember as a cat owner is your cats' safety on CBD. According to the 2020 article written by Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM, it was proven that cats and CBD oil have a very healthy relationship together. After taking CBD, different cat owners reported that their cats were more relaxed whenever they had anxiety, stress, or experienced pain induced from minor injuries.

Can Cats Take CBD Oil?

Since it was written and proven by a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, yes, cats can take CBD oil. Guardian Athletic's MobilityBoost is a CBD pet supplement specialized to relieve your cat's anxiety and ease their pain.

This pet supplement is infused in a pump bottle for easy use and easy measurement of an application. All you need to do is pump 2 times directly on your cat's water or meal. It is highly recommended to use this pet supplement 3 times a day until your cat is relieved of anxiety and pain.

CBD for Cats Benefits

Since you know CBD is safe, it's time for you to know the benefits of CBD for cats. Remember that Guardian Athletic's MobilityBoost only contains a nano-amplified CBD extract, making this a natural supplement for your cat.

It Manages Their Pain

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which are best to use in soothing the pain of your cat. As a simple medical explanation, your cat has body fluids, and these body fluids function similar to humans; it builds up in a specific damaged area in your cat's body- resulting in pain.

Using CBD for cats' pain can control your cat's body fluids, which will immediately soothe them when they're in pain since the CBD manages those body fluids- preventing your cat from swelling and giving them a maximum recovery from their inflammation muscle or joint pain.

It Relieves Their Anxiety

Aside from having anti-inflammatory properties, CBD also contains receptors that can help your cats ease themselves from anxiety. Using CBD for cats' anxiety is also safe since CBD has Cannabinoid Type 1 receptor (CB1R), the Serotonin 5-HT1A receptor, and the Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid Type 1 receptor (TRPV1).

These receptors will manage your cat's brain receptors, which leads them to soothe themselves from anxiety.

This is the surprising truth about the use of CBD for cats. Remember that you only need to use the CBD supplement for your cats only if you see any signs and symptoms of pain and anxiety. Like any medicine, it is best to follow the right dosage of Guardian Athletic's MobilityBoost to support these benefits.