Champions are made in the Kitchen: Why Basketball Players Must be Diet-Strict

Champions are made in the Kitchen: Why Basketball Players Must be Diet-Strict

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Feb 27, 2022

Basketball is one of the greatest sports in the world, and it is no doubt that there are many basketball players that you can see in society, and this is because of the challenge that this sport brings to every player.

If you aspire to become a pro basketball player, you need to remember that you are going to become a pro because you are consistently hitting the gym and because of your diet. Champions are also made in the kitchen, and here are the reasons why.

It is The Source of Your Strength

It is very basic to know that what you eat is the source of your strength, but there is a deeper meaning to that. You see, great basketball players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are on the top of the world because of their work ethic in the court and a strict discipline when it comes to their diet plans.

Both of these players may have cheat days on their primes, but when they know that their games are near, it is time to switch into a professional athlete in both the court and the kitchen. After all, everything that we eat turns into nutrients, and it depends on what kind of nutrients and how much nutrients you are consuming every day; this is one of the reasons you need to be very strict when it comes to things that you eat every day.

What You Eat Predicts Your Future

Even though this might sound too much, it wasn't. Your diet plans are the ones that decide what will happen to your career as a pro athlete in a sport like a basketball, and that is why you need to be very strict when it comes to consuming meals.

One of the common yet effective diet plans that basketball players are taking is a high-protein diet. This is because protein greatly helps you recover and increase your muscles every after training and an intense game.

You can find protein-rich foods anywhere, such as pumpkin, lean meat, chicken, and peanuts. But remember that some of us are hard-gainers, and that is why to have effective nourishment of proteins in the body, it is highly recommended that you will consume plant-based proteins like a hemp protein powder. Guardian Athletic's hemp powder protein is one of the unique hemp protein powders that are organic since plant-based proteins like this can help your body easily digest it, leading to an effective distribution of nutrients in the body.

Hemp protein powders have great amino acid profiles since their nutrients will help you increase your muscle mass and help you maximize your recovery due to CBD or cannabidiol. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that will help you manage your body fluids, and a body fluid buildup will both slow down your recovery and increase the intensity of your pain.

Aside from spending time doing traditional treatments such as ice compress, including a vegan protein powder hemp in your high protein diet can help you lessen your recovery period so that you will get back on the court then start training those hoops.

Hemp protein powders can also give you effective nutrition since CBD has a direct link in increasing your cognitive skills, and our cognitive skills are assets when it comes to passing the ball- making you a game-changer on the basketball court.

Overall, it's not just about the strength that you are going to count when you are going to consume plant-based products like hemp protein powder, but also your mental strength, which will give your team the higher ground due to effective passing of the ball.

This proves that even though you have a bigger body or are the tallest player on your team, you will never succeed as a player if you don't have the strict discipline for your diet plan.

It will never be easy, and it will take a lot of time for you to enjoy every meal in the world, but always remember why you aspire to become a professional basketball player. Once you keep reminding yourself about your purpose for your goal, no one can tempt you to thrash your diet.