Outdoor Treatment for Muscle Pain

Outdoor Treatment for Muscle Pain

Posted by Guardian Athletic on May 11, 2021

Muscle pain is one of the worst things that we can experience in our lives. Imagine that you're enjoying a great full-body workout until you feel that intense pain in your back, shoulders, and forearms.

You can't do anything about it since you know that your body reached its limit. What makes it worse is that you're outside and don't know how to treat it since you are playing or exercising outside! These are the following outdoor treatments that you can do to treat your muscle pain to be prepared.

Ice Packs

Whenever you are outside, and you've experienced muscle pain, the first thing that you need to do is to buy ice and wrap it in a towel, then place it on the damaged muscle part. Not only will this ease the pain, but it's cold temperature will be able to soothe the swelling of those tense muscles.

Rub Sticks

Massaging your muscles is one of the best ways to treat your muscle pain. To make it more effective, you need a rubbing stick to soothe the pain of the muscle since the minty properties of a rubbing stick can help you soothe that intense pain of your damaged muscle.

Guardian Athletic's Sports Stick is a CBD rub that will help you treat your muscle pain whenever you're outside. It is very frustrating to have muscle pain outside, especially if you're playing sports like basketball, considering that you need to take a long rest outdoors before going home to avoid any injury risks. You can carry this CBD pain relief rub everywhere you go, even in gyms, so that you'll be well-prepared for any potential muscle pain.

One of Guardian Athletic's CBD pain relief rub's main features is its anti-inflammatory properties since CBD can control your body fluids. Body fluids are one of the reasons we feel muscle pain because it naturally builds upon a damaged muscle in your body, and that is one reason why that damaged part can be swollen due to the buildup of the body fluids.

Inflammation can slow down your muscle recovery, and worse, it will make it more painful as long as there is a buildup of your body fluids in that damaged muscle.

Applying a CBD rub for pain will help you feel less pain while treating your sore muscles outdoors since CBD's anti-inflammatory properties can manage your body fluids- which will also help your muscle-repairing cells to have enough time in recovering your damaged muscles.

Guardian Athletic's sports CBD pain rub can also help you boost your performance since it can help ease the pain. There will always be a possibility of getting muscle pain after playing a sport or hitting the gym since you exceed your limits. That is why it is very important to be ready to treat yourself by carrying this lightweight CBD oil rub for pain.

Massaging your damaged muscle after applying a CBD will also help in treating your muscle pain outdoors since stretching is one of the effective ways to ease muscle pain.

Guardian’s CBD rubs have a smooth applicator that can help you relax those tense muscles, giving you a less painful muscle pain experience after pushing yourself beyond your limits.

You can also keep a CBD oil muscle rub in your pocket during your workdays since muscle pain can also happen during the physical activities that we do daily, like carrying a heavy load of paperwork or doing long walks back and forth in the office. Actively preparing yourself by bringing a CBD rub-on stick will always help you avoid the worst scenarios in unexpected muscle pain while you're outside.

Heat Compress

The other treatment you can do here is to dip your towel in hot water, squeeze it, and gently apply it to your damaged muscle. The heat will dilate those blood vessels, which will help you ease the swelling- soothing yourself from that intense muscle pain.

Short-Interval Stretching

Stretching is the other outdoor treatment that you can do whenever you have muscle pain. Remember that you don't need to overstretch yourself, or else you will make it more painful. Give it a nice stretch until you feel that the pain is going away. Stretching can help in managing the buildup of the body fluids in your damaged muscle, which is why it can make you soothe that intense pain.

These are all the outdoor treatments that you need to remember whenever you feel muscle pain. Still, you need to be very careful whenever you're applying one of these treatments so that you won't hurt yourself. Always remember to continue these treatments once you've arrived home so that you will be able to maximize your recovery.