Secrets to Instantly Treat a Bruise

Secrets to Instantly Treat a Bruise

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Jul 06, 2021

You are playing basketball, and while you have a great game with your friends, you suddenly hard-landed after scoring the last dunk, which made you win the game. At first, you thought it was a scratch until you saw your knee having that purple bruise.

Since you are the type of person who loves wearing shorts because it's hot outside, you start to worry about the bruise on your leg ruining your appearance. There's nothing to worry about since these are the following treatments you can apply to treat your bruise instantly!

Heat Compression

Applying heat on your bruise improves your blood flow which will help you maximize your recovery. Bruises are leaks from the blood vessels due to hard damage, and that is why you will notice that a bruise turns red once you're near to recovering from it.

Ice Compression

Putting an ice compress on your bruise will slow down the leaks from your blood vessels, giving you enough time to recover from it. Other than that, it can also reduce the swelling of your bruise, which will give you a smooth blood flow- leading to recovery.

Applying Lotions on It

Whenever you're bruised, there is one thing that you need to remember: never massage it.

Massaging your bruise will only slow down the blood flow on that damaged area, and that is why patience is the key here. However, there is another way for you to at least treat your bruise instantly, and one of these is by applying lotions on it.

There are different types of lotions that you can use to treat bruises instantly, and one of these is lotions that have Vitamin K or a CBD lotion. Both of these lotions treat inflammation, but what makes a CBD topical lotion stand out is that it both relieves your pain while managing your body fluids.

Using a CBD pain relief lotion from Guardian Athletic can help you prevent intense pain while making the CBD treat your bruise. CBDs can manage your body fluids due to their anti-inflammatory properties, and this can apply in managing the blood flow on your bruise since your body fluids don't interfere with that flow- giving you a faster time in erasing that bruise.

A CBD lotion for pain is safe to use, and toxic-free since Guardian Athletic only utilizes nano-amplified CBD extract, making this CBD hemp lotion compatible with all skin types, especially for those who have sensitive skin. It's better to apply a CBD lotion for pain instead of letting your bruise rest so that you will be able to maximize your recovery.

Additionally, a CBD lotion can give you relief due to CBDs pain-relieving properties, but never forget that you need to be resourceful enough in using your CBD lotion for recovery.

No matter how much CBD recovery lotion you'll be applying to your bruise, you will still have the same recovery time, and that is why you need to be patient enough to treat your bruises.

Eating Pineapples

While you are currently taking a rest, you can eat pineapples as your snacks since it contains an enzyme mixture called bromelain. This mixture is known for reducing the bruise's severity, and you can also include this fruit in your diet when you have inflammation.

If you want to recover from your bruise instantly, you need to be very disciplined and consistent enough to use these treatments. Remember to elevate your leg or any bruised area on your body so that you'll give yourself a great blood flow which increases your chances to recover immediately. Still, you need to be careful next time if you don't want to have bruises around your body.