Surprising Reasons Why We Get Cramps

Surprising Reasons Why We Get Cramps

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Apr 27, 2021

Have you ever gone swimming with your family and as you enjoyed most of your time in the water, you felt an intense pain in your leg?

This is what you call a cramp.

Cramps are very irritating even though they aren't that serious (not unless you're a professional athlete, you need to get yourself in therapy immediately)!

What makes this worse is that cramps can appear out of nowhere! Whether you're doing brisk walking or curling in the gym!

Have you ever wondered the reasons why we get cramps?

Narrowed Arteries

One of the main reasons why we get cramps is that we have an inadequate blood supply. Imagine your muscles like a balloon that always needs air to lift itself. If your arteries are too narrow to deliver blood to your legs, you will feel that intense pain!

If you get a chance to get cramps (let's hope not), try to observe your leg. You will see that your muscles are "moving by themselves," which is because these muscles are adjusting to the normal blood flow.

Nerve Compression

If you try to flex your muscles, you will notice that you will be too tight because your nerves are compressed. One way to stop the pain caused by nerve compression is by applying ice packs to the impacted area. However, this is still not enough, and it will take a longer period for you to recover from your cramps!

Guardian Athletic's Guardian Sport Lotion will help you relax your cramps since this lotion has nano-amplified CBD. CBD lotions are effective ways to relax the muscles since studies found out that CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits, which will help you soothe muscles after an intense workout!

It is recommended to use Guardian Athletic's CBD lotion for pain during a post-workout period so that you won't feel too much pain from your cramps after pumping irons in the gym.

Here are the other CBD lotion benefits:

Less Inflammation

Applying a CBD pain lotion after working out in the gym can help you reduce your inflammation since your muscles are beaten up after spending hours lifting weights!

Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, you can also use CBD lotion for pain relief to avoid your sore muscles compressing too much of your nerves which can lead to cramps.

Faster Muscle Recovery

A CBD pain relief lotion also gives you a faster muscle recovery since the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD alleviate the inflammatory response of your body after working out.

Your cells will be able to repair your muscles immediately since it wasn't impacted by inflammation, making you avoid cramps due to nerve compression.

Relieves Your Joints

Studies also found out that CBD has anti-arthritic activities, which lessens your muscle soreness, inflammation, and joint pain.

This allows you to boost your gym performance since this CBD lotion pain relief lessens the discomfort that you'll be feeling as you continue beating your record in curling those weights!

Controls Your Body Fluids

The reason why CBD stops inflammation and pain is that it controls your body fluids. Body fluids cause muscle pain because it naturally determines if you're damaged or not.

Since CBD lotion lessens muscle pain, it will make you avoid injuries! Guardian Athletic's Guardian Sport Lotion also has an icy cooling action that helps the CBD control your body fluids during your post-workout recovery!

Poor Diet

The last reason why you get cramps is if you have a poor diet. That is why you need to create or find an effective diet plan so that your muscles will be healthy enough to prevent themselves from cramping up. To be more specific, your diet must contain the following:

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

You can see these kinds of nutrients in diet plans for weight loss since these nutrients boost your metabolism as they improve your muscle fibers.

Looking at the bigger picture, you will notice that these causes revolve around inadequate recovery and hydration as well as having a poor diet.

It is natural to have cramps, but that doesn’t mean you have to experience them. The best thing that you can do to avoid getting cramps is by being careful when doing physical activities like hitting the gym or playing your favorite sport. Patience will always lead you to safety!