Align, Focus, Flex: Can golfers wear kinesiology tape?

Align, Focus, Flex: Can golfers wear kinesiology tape?

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Jan 20, 2022

Golf may not be a sport that requires sprinting or tackling your enemies, but it is a sport that tests your precision, power, and patience.

As a golfer, you need to understand how your body works in the game, and that is why when it comes to playing it, you can't just randomly hit the golf ball until it reaches the hole, but you need to have an outlook on where the golf ball will land once you've hit it perfectly.

To become a great golfer, there is one thing that you need to master: your stance. Many of you may be saying that golf is easy since you will just need to master your stance, but that's what makes it difficult- it is about finding your stance.

Be Your Own Player

There are many great golfers that you can see in this world, but that doesn't mean that you will copy their stance. If you want to become a pro golfer, you need to have your stance since this can also be your trademark.

It may take you a while to master your own stance, but it requires endless hours of training when it comes to mastering it. Of course, just like any other sport, it is expected that you will be encountering muscle and joint pain, and that is why you will ask yourself: do golfers need to invest in equipment like KT tapes?

Why is KT Tape Necessary for Golf?

Kinesiology tapes have been around since the 70s because it adds support to your muscles. Seeing athletes wearing a KT athletic tape doesn't mean that they are doing this for fashion, but they are doing these because they want to add support to one of their body parts.

But what about golf? Is it necessary to buy a KT tape roll for this sport? Well, yes. And this is because mastering your stance can give you excessive pain, especially since you will keep repeating that stance until you've mastered it.

Where Should I Tape It Then?

Since golf is all about swinging, you need to improve your shot power, and that is why you can apply a KT tape on your wrist. Guardian Athletic's SportsGTape is a KT tape that effectively grips your muscles and adds a cooling action in it so that you won't be feeling that severe pain while you are raising your game.

KT tape's support paired with Guardian Athletic's SportGTape's cooling action is a great combination of safety while striving to go beyond your limits in golf.

Aside from your wrist, you are required to slightly bend when you are going to hit the ball to add more precision to it, and that is why it is no doubt that some of you might experience knee pain due to your body weight that you will feel as you bend your knees.

Worse, when you are going to train for your stance, you are required to stay while you are bending your knees so that you will be able to have an outlook of your precision as you hit the golf ball across the field.

In short, physics and timing will be applied as you bend your knees, which is why you can use KT tape for knee pain so that you will be focused enough in successfully hitting the golf ball.

Safety is Not Cheating

Some of you might be thinking that wearing a KT tap in golf is cheating, but if you look at the concept of KT tape, it acts as a support for your muscles and joints.

Remember that even older people can become golfers since this doesn't require the players to sprint; they just need concentration, precision, and power to be a golfer.

However, muscle and joint pain will always be present when doing physical activities like golf. But as long as you have a KT tape that will grip your muscles to support your joints, then you can play golf while you know that you're safe from having muscle and joint pain.

Focus is the key to aligning your upper body to your lower body as you hit the golf ball. With the support of KT tape, you will have a successful swing without feeling any pain from your wrists or knees.