The Importance of Drinking Water

The Importance of Drinking Water

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Jun 22, 2021

Water is one of our main sources of energy, and our bodies depend on hydration to survive, considering that this is one of the greatest gifts that mother nature has provided to us. However, since the rise of the beverage industry, there are many beverages to choose from like soda or different energy drinks, to quench our thirst.

Looking at these kinds of beverages, they share a common substance: sugar. Most of us might love sugar to the point where we forget the importance of drinking water. And that is why these are the following reasons why drinking water is important.

It Boosts Metabolism

Medically speaking, drinking water can increase your metabolic rate up to 30%, which is one reason why professional athletes choose to live a lifestyle where water is the only thing that they will drink because it helps them maintain their metabolic rate while improving their physique.

It Prevents Constipation

Imagine a clogged pipe with food- the more food that clogs the pipe, the greater the chances that the pipe will be bloated. The same thing goes for your stomach, if you don't drink water after having a great meal, you can become bloated to the point of constipation.

Instead of relying too much on OTC medication to relieve your constipation, it's best to drink water. Not only are you saving money from buying medications, but you're also nourishing your body with water.

It Relieves Fatigue

The other reason why we need to drink water is to relieve fatigue. See your body as a car, we always need a source of energy to keep us ongoing, or else we will be broken. The same thing goes for your body; whenever a body is fatigued, there will be possibilities that your muscles will break down. This can result in inflammation because your muscles are too tired to do any physical activity, which can also lead to a sudden build-up of body fluids.

Worse, your bones can also get affected when you have fatigue, and that is why you will always hear doctors say that it's best to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to prevent yourself from getting fatigued. After all, we expect to do many things within a day, which is why you need to keep on drinking water as a source of energy so that you will be able to get your tasks done without suffering from exhaustion.

A 2017 study from the Stanford University discovered that chronic fatigue syndrome is linked to inflammation since the body's cytokines are active in this condition. What makes it worse is that cytokines are the cells that only react when a body is experiencing inflammation.

Aside from solely drinking water, you can also add Guardian Athletic's HempBoost CBD drops to prevent yourself from having fatigue. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that will help your body regulate its body fluids. These body fluids build upon a specific damaged area in your body, which is the reason for inflammation.

Applying this water-soluble CBD in your water will help you rehydrate and prevent yourself from getting fatigued. There are no other chemicals mixed in Guardian Athletic's HempBoost since these CBD drops are used for conditions like exhaustion.

To gain effective results, Guardian Athletic has a unique dropper where you only need 8-10 drops of CBD water drops, and you can drink it after mixing these CBD water-soluble drops. Other than that, CBD can't be used for recreational purposes since hemp doesn't have psychoactive properties.

It is important to consistently use Guardian Athletic's HempBoost since not every time you'll be having fatigue because you have day-offs, which is why you need to follow the recommended CBD drops dosage to make this effective.

It Helps Your Kidneys

Your kidneys play a great role in filtering all the water-soluble toxins in your body, and that is why we urinate because we are disposing of those wastes.

Healthy urine is usually clear because it consists of clean water, while the unhealthy one looks too yellowish, and you'll smell that horrible stinge, which signifies that you're not drinking enough water.

Observing these benefits, you will notice how simple it is to realize that water is one of the best sources of our energy. Even if you are addicted to drinking water, your body will continue to be healthy since water is only plain hydrogen oxide, nothing else.

If ever you are looking for the best time to cut those sugary drinks to start drinking water, then the best time is now.