The Mint in the Frost: Can Ice Hockey players use balm in a game?

The Mint in the Frost: Can Ice Hockey players use balm in a game?

Posted by Guardian Athletic on Jan 17, 2022

Sports like ice hockey require speed, balance, precision, and power. Ice Hockey is also physically demanding and there's no way around dealing with all the nagging injuries and pain you'll get from playing it. 

This is why as a player, you need to have at least one thing prepared in your arsenal, a sports balm. Balms are one of the best topical treatments for muscle pain - they're easy to apply, and they work great!

The Soothing Mint

The minty icy cooling feature of a balm is one of the main reasons why ice hockey players use this while playing.

Even though it is cold on the ice, you can still feel the strength of mint on your skin. But not all balms are the same, sports balms feature menthol and mint extracts for additional effectiveness. 

Using It for Recovery

Balms are also used for massages, but sometimes we can't instantly schedule a massage with our sports therapist. They are great to use even without your therapists help, just grease yourself up and massage the affected area!  

Spend some time trying different brands and products, but make sure they are mentholated or contain mint. There are new sports balms on the market with additional pain relieving benefits. Newer CBD balms exist!

Why Should Hockey Players Use a CBD Balm?

CBD or cannabidiol is a substance with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that will help ice hockey players deal with the demand on the body. A CBD balm stick is easy to apply, fast acting and effective.

Though it is normal to experience pain in ice hockey players don't shoot yourself in the foot by using nothing to deal with the pain. A CBD balm can help you recover, stay focused, and deal with pain. 

Will it Irritate My Skin?

As with any skin care product, using a balm might cause skin irritation. Immediately stop using the product if it occurs and try avoiding harmful chemicals and ingredients.  The good news is most CBD balms are toxin-free like Guardian Athletic's Sports Roll On, wherein this CBD balm is made of organic ingredients like distilled water, vegetable wax, coconut oil, and a nano-amplified CBD extract.

There's smaller possibility of skin irritation with natural ingredients but it can still occur. 

Are there any other Benefits Aside From Muscle Recovery?

Yes indeed. CBD is also known for its calming properties, it will help ease your mind, and keep collected during the game - try a CBD balm for anxiety.